Baseball Bat
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35 + 23 (58)





The Baseball Bat is a weapon in Killing Floor 1.0. It is a Melee weapon.


The Baseball Bat is an aluminum baseball bat. It does more damage than the Knife, but less than the Axe. It also has a swing rate faster than the Axe, but slower than the Knife. The Bat is not very useful because the Axe, which does notably more damage and is generally a lot more viable, costs two more points.


  • The Bat is also handy as a melee secondary weapon for those that don't have enough room to fit an Axe in, but still want a melee weapon for a sidearm. A few smacks over the head can kill a single Clot or weaker enemy, which can help preserve ammo for stronger weapons.
  • Its also a good choice for those that prefer speed over power.

Historical DifferencesEdit

Killing Floor 2.0Edit

In Killing Floor 2.0 and later, the Bat was replaced by the Broken Pipe, which is statically very similar to the Baseball Bat.


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