Broken Pipe
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45 + 25 (70)





The Broken Pipe is a weapon in Killing Floor.


The Broken Pipe is a piece of pipe that's been pried off and turned into an improvised weapon. Out of all the three melee weapons available, the Broken Pipe is between the Knife and Axe. It is stronger than the Knife and swings faster than the Axe, but does less damage than the Axe and swings slower than the Knife. Its low cost also makes it a good weapon to purchase before the first wave. However, the Axe, which does more damage, can also be purchased before the first wave with the default starting amount of cash, while the Knife is free. This leaves the Broken Pipe without any real advantages over the other melee weapons.


  • The Broken Pipe is a decent weapon for the first two waves when paired with the Berserker perk. Smacking a Clot in the head with it will decapitate and knock down the Clot, giving some breathing room. A Broken Pipe headshot will kill a Stalker in one hit.
  • Use the Broken Pipe's decent fire rate to your advantage. With some practice, its easy to decapitate an entire group of them with the Berserker perk before they can do some real damage.
  • Broken Pipes are often found on the ground. Look around for one on the ground before purchasing it.

Historical DifferencesEdit


In Killing Floor 1.0, the Broken Pipe was the Baseball Bat.


Killing Floor 2.0 changed the Baseball Bat to the Broken Pipe. It also increased the Bat/Pipe's damage to 45 base damage and an additional 25 damage. It costs 100 pounds.


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